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Diet Zoo


It closed down close the zoo by the sharp decrease of the number of visitors "ZOOPARK".As in playback contractor there, came the hero of charisma breeding who have a reputation for that to commit to a result.Hero to be re-trained the animals of taken sagging garden.It goes more and more visitors by large reborn animals by the hero.Really whether it is possible for you to play the zoo ...[How to Play]1: [Commit] commit force up by tapping a button! !2: up to commit force to release the muscle training!3: further speed up to up the level of muscle training!4: repel with barbell for temptation would reduce the total committed!5: If you have a fight off items, and getting rid automatically come was tempted us when you are not launch the app!
[Recommended for Travellers]· I want to enjoy the training simulation game· Muscle training is like.Diet is like.- Made to kill time I like free training gamesI like the numbers, is to see how the going up a moment· Facebook an image in mass production, people who want to share on Twitter· Leisure who want crushed
※ during game play, and if the app is not intended to forcibly fall, when suddenly you kill the app, because there is a possibility that the save data is not stored properly, please note.Moreover, there Fortunately, if you can contact us at that time.